What do you know about the basics of drone batteries?

1. Why choose lithium batteries?

Similarly, lithium battery has the lightest battery capacity and the best power efficiency.

2. What does the battery's mah mean?

Indicates the battery capacity (mAh), the amount of current that can be discharged from the battery during normal operation. Think of mAh as your flight time, such as a 1000mah battery, if it is discharged at 1000mah, it can last for 1 hour. If it is discharged at 500mah, it can continue to discharge for 2 hours.

3. What does the number of C behind the battery mean?

Represents the battery discharge capacity. This is the most important difference between ordinary lithium batteries and power lithium batteries. Power lithium batteries require a large current to discharge. This discharge capacity is represented by C. For example, the standard of 1000mah battery is 5c, then use 5x1000mah, it is concluded that the battery can discharge at 5000mh current intensity. This is very important. If you use a low-c battery and discharge it at a high current, the battery will quickly be damaged and even spontaneously ignite.

4. What do the 2s, 3s and 4s behind the battery mean?

Represents the number of lithium batteries. The standard voltage of one lithium battery cell is 3.7v, and so on, then a 2s battery means that there are 2 3.7v batteries in it, and the voltage is 7.4v. Although parallel batteries do exist, almost all batteries are connected in series.

5. How much c fast charge does it mean?

This is the same as the above c, except that the discharge is turned into a charge, such as a 1000mah battery, 2c fast charge, which means that it can be charged with a current of 2000ma. So don't try to use high current rashly, charging beyond the specified parameters, the battery is easily damaged.

6. How to match the battery?

This is related to the selected motor, propeller, and desired running time. The larger the capacity, the higher the c, the more s, and the heavier the battery; the basic principle is to use large propellers, because the overall configuration has high power and high lift. In order to ensure the play time, high capacity, high c, and more than 3s can be selected Battery. The minimum recommended is 1500mah, 20c, 3s. Small four-axis, because its own lift is limited, the overall power is not high, you can consider small capacity, small c, 3s or less batteries.

7. What does balance charging mean?

For example, a 3s battery contains 3 lithium batteries inside. Due to the manufacturing process, there is no way to ensure that each battery is completely the same, and the charge and discharge characteristics are different. When the batteries are connected in series, it is easy to be over-discharged or over-charged as usual. It is not full and so on, so the solution is to charge each internal battery cell separately, so a balanced charge is needed.