How to solve the difficulties and pain points in these applications? Can drones achieve fully automated flight operations?

In the field of industrial UAV applications, the UAV fully automatic flight system has gradually landed in recent years, moving from a pilot to a large-scale application. One of the core products in the UAV automatic flight system is the "UAV Auto Airport".

What is an automated drone airport?

In other words, to realize the fully automatic flight operation of drones, what problems should we solve?

In order to realize fully automatic flight operations, the UAV must meet the following requirements:

1. The problem of unmanned aerial vehicle storage in the field, no need to commute, and one-click flight can be achieved without leaving home;

2. The automatic take-off and landing of the drone can automatically and accurately land to the outdoor storage device through positioning and front recognition;

3. The battery charging problem of the drone, the storage device can automatically charge the drone.

The “Automatic UAV Airport” was born. The storage problem is easy to solve. There is only a confined space. The lifting of the flight platform and the opening and closing of the door are realized through mechanized devices. The automatic UAV airports that can be seen on the market are all The same is achieved.