What does the number of C behind the battery mean?

Indicates the battery capacity (mAh), the amount of current that can be discharged from the battery during normal operation. Think of mAh as your flight time, such as a 1000mah battery, if it is discharged at 1000mah, it can last for 1 hour. If it is discharged at 500mah, it can continue to discharge for 2 hours.

What do you know about the basics of drone batteries?

Similarly, lithium battery has the lightest battery capacity and the best power efficiency.

How to solve the difficulties and pain points in these applications? Can drones achieve fully automated flight operations?

In the field of industrial UAV applications, the UAV fully automatic flight system has gradually landed in recent years, moving from a pilot to a large-scale application. One of the core products in the UAV automatic flight system is the "UAV Auto Airport".